Welcome to Achievement Unlocked Fitness

We do things a little different.

Be strong enough to inspire others.Welcome to the gym that isn’t.

You may notice up there I said “We do things a little different”. It’s true. we do. See, Achievement Unlocked Fitness isn’t for everyone. We work for people who are left out, marginalized, misunderstood or for whom traditional fitness centers don’t work.

  • Have you ever decided you wanted to get fit and found yourself at the end of a hard sale where they wanted you to meet their goals (train 3x/week with an expensive personal trainer) instead of yours (make fitness a habit)?
  • Have you ever been frustrated by trying to eat healthy only to have tons of supplements and pills shoved at you?
  • Do you have a chronic illness, physical condition or nagging injury and been pushed to the point where you couldn’t move for days, making you scared to go back to the gym?
  • Are you tired of being told that you need to eat less and move more and you’ll be as skinny as society wants you to be?

Welcome, you are our people.

We exist to serve you.  Let me show you how we are different.

No Minimum Sessions

YOUR GOALS are the priority here. We will work with you.

  • Schedule monthly, weekly or multiple times a week
  • Email/text coaching available
  • Package discounts available

No Quick Fix Diets/Supplements

No meal plans, microwave meals or protein bars

  • Learn easy to implement habits
  • Add one new habit every two weeks
  • Learn how to handle life’s curve balls effortlessly

Learn to train yourself

We specialize in teaching clients to train themselves

  • Learn what a trainer looks for and how it feels in your body
  • Correct movement imbalances to address aches and pains
  • Discover how to make exercises appropriate to your fitness level

Within 10 personal sessions, my clients shouldn’t *need* me. They stick around because they like me, or the accountability.

Honest Talk About Weight Loss

It’s more than just weight loss and we can handle it all.

  • Want weight loss? Learn how your body responds to certain foods or movement.
  • Objectively understand what you are eating and how to make the best choices you can.
  • Want to improve glucose/blood pressure or reduce medications? We can help you work toward those ends too! 

Need more information before taking that next step?

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